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Shouf Film

It is a digital platform that screens and promotes alternative cinema films from all over the world, free of charge, in order to enable the masses to access and watch those films. For more information click here

Share your films with us!

If you are a filmmaker, film producer, film distributor, film production or distribution company and own the copyright to your films, share the link of your film on Vimeo to view it on our online initiative platform for free. “Support us by sharing your films with us!”

SHOUF FILM Platform extends its gratitude and sincere thanks to every filmmaker, film institution supported the availability of its films on SHOUF FILM Platform.

Please fill the following application:-

Terms & Conditions

– A professional team of movie programmers from the platform selects the films that will be displayed through the platform’s website.

– The film selection team has the right not to display any of the films submitted, without clarifying the reasons.

– A monthly or weekly screening program is organized for the films chosen in the program, and it specifies the timing and duration of each film.

– The film may not be withdrawn after it has been submitted

*Viewing & Screening Terms*

– Submitting and watching the films on the platform’s is free, “without any kind of fees”.

– The platform acts as a medium that plays films through the Vimeo link of the Vimeo channel of the film’s copyright owner.

– The duration of the availability of the film to be viewed on the platform is determined withing the screening program with a minimum of one day up to 15 days.

– As the owner or representative of the owner of the copyright of the film, I agree to display the film through the platform, with a minimum of one day and a maximum of 15 days.

– Shouf Film platform respects copyrights and intellectual property.

– Shouf Film platform does not display any films that incite or encourage violence, hatred, racism, or discrimination.

In case you have any inquiries or questions, don’t hesitate to contact the film programs team through the following email